Dan Zlotnick ‘Autopilot’ : Greater zest for the music that gets you going.

Dan Zlotnick

Dan Zlotnick of Westchester County, NY released his latest single, ‘Autopilot’. It is the second single from Dan’s album, ‘Day 3’, which is out now.

‘Day 3′ is an album which brings the good ol’ vibes back into the indie environment. From ballads to rock n’ roll country, Dan’s got it going on with ample enthusiasm and even greater zest for the music that gets you going.

A delightful single for a drive on the highway of life, it’s a therapy for the person you’d wanted to be.

Since December of 2018, Dan has been performing weekly at the Westchester branch of Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, and a portion of the proceeds from the album release will go back to the hospital. Said Dan: “Every week I get to experience the healing power of music first-hand, on possibly the greatest scale there is. This album, my playing, my writing, and my overall outlook on music and life have been forever changed by my time at MSK.”


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