Dana Gavanski ‘Yesterday Is Gone’ : Smoldering undertow. Debut album out March 27th.

Dana Gavanski

Slow surging, visceral textures. Smoldering undertows, burgeoning bubbles in affection. Dana Gavanski’s beautifully impending vocals, reverberate with envious gallantry in this title single of her debut album.

A sultry ride through hastes and emotional magnolias, the ripened interrogations of solitude and unity, compel in a holy resistance of dire consequences and hope.

“We shot it in 5 unique Montreal Metro stations,” said Dana, of the music video, which was directed by Nina Marina. “The idea for the video for Yesterday is Gone came from our admiration of the design and architecture of the Montreal metro system. Each station has its own cool 1967 modernist design and colours. For the video we mainly wanted to create something fun, light, performative and visually stimulating. It is an ode to the passage of time and the way time and space are distorted down under.”

Fun in the nostalgic way that only Dana can, the visuals cast an accepting quality to the music, as its backdrop enlightens and delivers with amble revelry.

Montreal’s rail system does offer such charm. And with Dana’s offering, more of that goodness rubs off in the most delicious ways.


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