Dance Lessons ‘New Job’ : Right antidote for the hot evenings and the happy melancholy, just up ahead.

Dance Lessons

Second single from Dance Lessons pulses fluidity and perfect pitch for that grand swooping vision of love, loss, and everything in between. A sultry summer dig, ‘New Job’ is the right antidote for the hot evenings and the happy melancholy, just up ahead.

The London-based, female-fronted and produced trio, creates what they define as ‘Serrated Pop’. It follows the successful launch of their debut single ‘SMABTO’.

Lead vocalist, Ann said: “New Job has been like a self-fulfilling prophecy. It was never meant to become personal. I initially wrote it late last year – before a break-up. Afterwards, I went on a mad search for new ways to distract myself. The song shows the similarities in perspective of two people post-breakup, both using distractions to mask the sadness.”

The video has been shot in the midst of the Covid-19 lockdown in LA by Director Sarah Chatfield (Lily Allen, Lykke Li, The Cribs). Sarah took to the streets with no crew and minimal gear to shoot a breathtaking dance interpretation of New Job – performed and choreographed by Gbari ‘GQ’ Gilliam and Shantel Ureña. Sarah manages to capture the stunning vibrancy of areas usually packed with people (now eerily deserted) allowing for Gbari and Shantel’s incredible performance to shine.

Trio is made up of Ann (vocals, sax, drums), Nat (guitar), and Tom (bass).


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