Dani Le Rose ‘Can’t Help Myself’ : Grieves at the delay for physical and emotional deliverance.

Dani Le Rose

Relax, she told herself. In that quiet manner that she knew so well, she complied to her own chatter and succumbed. But another fortnight after, it was apparent she could not or will not get this out of her thoughts.

By this time, she knew she was in trouble.

“‘Can’t Help Myself’ originally started out as something I wrote by myself at home. The chorus was written about someone I had a massive crush on and it was unbearably annoying how much I wanted this person. I didn’t even know at the time how obsessed I was with this person and these lyrics just came out without thinking .“

With dangling promises and ultimate satisfaction in lust, the protagonist of this single, grieves at the delay for physical and emotional deliverance. And as the rest of us, try to maintain such decorum and gentility in society, we barely know our animalistic inklings.

Maybe it’s time that we got to know it a bit closer.

We think Dani would agree.


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