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“A little pop hiphop tune from an experimental young British singer/songwriter about not letting people waste your time and being the best version of yourself you can be – from upcoming EP ‘i AM MORNiNG STAR’ – soulful vocals and fun video.” Unconventional, but it hurts so good … that’s what Danica’s work in ‘WASTE MY TiME’ It does for our mojo, good. If you’re up for some nostalgia, which gets hit by vocals that’s simply galactic, this song and visuals will do that collision justice. The vibrant and irreverent vision of the song will drive you nuts with danceable vibes and ‘don’t care if other’s are watching me’ kinda attitude. When you listen to Danica, your world turns upside down. It’s like that first impact from another worldly notion. The anchor of her work, is her unique and succulent vocals. Down to earth, gritty, soulful, and oh so powerful, it effortlessly greets your pallet for something ‘new’, and explodes your mind with nuclear bomb incantations. Danica does everything spectacularly. Her voice is amazing to hear. She stated that she’s: “..experimenting with quirky fusions of soul, pop, hip hop, jazz and other genres. I’m a fresh, London-based artist and have been described as having a unique, gritty voice with edgy, keep-it-real, lyrics.” That’s for dang sure. Danica’s ‘to die for’. Such elegance and talent really does come alive to entertain and frolic with her fans, like you’d never believe. Charisma to the hilt, multi-genre aptitude, and surging songwriting prowess that kicks thing into high gear – she’s here to stay, and to conquer. We’re IN with what Danica’s here to offer. Look out, yo. More please.

Gaspar Sanz – Myriad

“It kept changing even after we’d recorded it in the studio. Sometimes you can get caught up trying to create a piece of art by giving a song five different key changes and eleven different parts, but often stripping something back and going with whatever feels good is the best way to go,” said guitarist Jesse Lawrence. The song is a joyful recognition of the size and diversity of the human experience, with singer James Bell describing it as, “the story of acknowledging that we’re all in this together, that we always have a choice and it’s never too late to change.” Formed in 2016, James Bell, Sam Devenport, Jesse Lawrence, and Dom Coulton got to this summation of where they wanted to go. Then a band was developed, and from then on, stories took a turn of shimmer and spice. On December 7th, see them in Sydney @ OXFORD ART FACTORY.

Lake Jons – I Don’t Care

LAKE JONS, hailing from Helsinki and born from the woods by the darkest waters as their namesake reflects, is comprised of Jooel Jons and Mikko Pennanen. “There are all kinds of emotional releases when roaming in the nature far from civilisation,” Jooel said, in his short essay on the new album. “In a way ‘The Coast’ is an emotional perspective. There are times when you are simply stuck in that gateway. Looking forward to the oceans or backward to the mountains, you choose. Time is irrelevant as long as you’re moving and evolving. I believe that’s the essence.” Their upcoming new full-length ‘The Coast’ (November 29th) is radically Lake Jons, and shows an evolutionary vision into the next chapter of the dynamic outfit. Commenting on this single ‘I Don’t Care’, Jooel added: “[Its] soft thought before action. Ruminating is not always the right thing to do. It’s all about surrendering under the pressure of self and going towards what seems right at that moment. Sometimes the answer you’re looking for is just at the bottom of a cup of coffee.” Artist to the core, the band has been shining from the get-go, in 2014. See the band next @ Tiivistämö, Helsinki November 16th.

AJIMAL – How could You Disappear (Video)

This is the accompanying music video for AJIMAL’s complex and simple, contrast built around tone and song. We’d stated: “AJIMAL delivers new ‘How Could You Disappear?’. The frailties of sight and sound, fixed on the pallet of grazing blindness of existing, the underpinnings of glimpses in temporary imagined death, falls of the raised bed of your waking hours…The graceful single is beautiful in its simplicity and complexity of construction. The soulful synth-electronics add to the resounding vocals of AJIMAL.” The visuals take us on a journey, and quite a journey into a Universe, indeed. Fran is a Doctor for his day-job routines. Fran O’Hanlon acquired the name AJIMAL in the aftermath of being caught up in Haiti following the 2010 earthquake. Whilst working as a medic in a field hospital as part of his medical degree, he found himself surrounded by citizens from all walks of life, including an infamous guest preacher who formerly practiced as a voodoo priest, under the guise of AJIMAL. Beautiful, indeed. Fran works differently. Basking in the coming future. Proud of where we all will be.

BLEU ROI – Front Yard

Jennifer Jans, Imogen Jans, Axel Rüst, Stefan Rüst are Bleu Roi. And off of their EP ‘Dark/Light’, comes the single ‘Front Yard’ (Light). A concept EP of sorts, the ‘double’ sided offering is a vocal dance in affections and delightful fritters of emotional questions and inquisitions. In an interview with Fame Magazine UK, Jennifer Jans stated: “We started writing the songs for Dark/Light right after releasing our debut record, in the fall of 2016. It was during the process of writing these songs that we decided on the title of the record..” She also added that: “…the interesting thing about attributing something like Dark or Light to music is that it is very personal. A lot of people have given us this feedback that they would have divided the record up differently. But for us this sequencing is very much connected to the feelings we had while creating the songs.” The album is that to a tee. And it keeps you at bay, as does all of our emotional treks we partake, in real life. ‘Front Yard’ is a lovely ballad, somber in aesthetics, longing and wishing for better things to come. See them next @ Sommercasino, Basel Switzerland November 23rd.


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