Daniel Aymara ‘Somebody Else’ : Lyrical aspect about being willing to change and evolve.

'Somebody Else'

‘Somebody Else’ is Daniel Aymaras debut single. The track is laid back, funky and groovy, combined with a lyrical aspect about being willing to change and evolve.

According to the artist, this is a track which has gone through so many stages and iterations that in the end it has become a manifestation of his own sense of patience. “I also feel that it can symbolize the transition to a new phase in life and possibly an inner transformation -overcoming my fears and breaking bad habits.”

One of the founders of the experimental avant-garde band 1416, Daniel releases music through his own “internet label” Artwork Home Accident. He’s music has a dreamy and rhythmic sound with groovy beats, retro synths, grungy guitars and vocals. He makes use of elements of trip-hop, downtempo, electro, shoegaze, grunge, rave music and vaporwave.


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