Daniel Ma ‘Remedy For Sadness’ : Struggle and the journey that makes the flavor of living, wondrous. The irony hurts.

Daniel Ma

Amongst the wasteland of life’s flow, one discovers the slivers of hope and beauty, which keeps the spirits of ‘going forth’ alive. When forces sometimes beyond your control, comes to deviate your journey, it would be easier to fold.

But you decided, that you didn’t have to do that.

Daniel Ma’s single ‘Remedy For Sadness’ is a sultry and reminiscent pop single, that helps you remember the times of the good and wonderful. An album book that notices the flaws and challenges along the way, but certainly shares the possibilities of the life yet to be experienced.

A “lifelong struggle with depression” was the subject of his single, and with Daniel’s honesty and genuine goodness in his vocals, the song comes to life as the guiding light that is ready to be embraced for who can relate.

Ultimately, it is the struggle and the journey that makes the flavor of living, wondrous.

It’s the irony of it all, that does hurt so deeply.


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