Daniel Pearson Shares Anthemic Pronouncement ‘Until The Sun Comes Up’.

Daniel Pearson’s single ‘Until The Sun Comes Up’ is a refreshing drink of iced-tea, on a particularly sunny and hot mid-August southern summer evening. You’re down, you’re hot, you’re thinking about what to do about that corporate report you’d been assigned. You haven’t even started it, and don’t know where to start, at all. But you are here, in the moment, thank goodness. You are drinking that coolness of liquid, satisfying your parched soul.

It’s very simple. But Pearson’s sensibilities come to play in this particular single, and it’s bright and sunshiny.

And don’t we all need some encouragement like this? We sure do. It’s an anthem for that action you’d wanted to take, but was hesitating.

Put that stake in the ground and claim it. Even it’s that small little emotional victory, within.

Let’s all take a swig of that iced-tea, for the good.


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