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Daniel Wesley // Forrest Run // LaKyoto // Ben Fox Smith // Fever Days

Daniel Wesley – Older Now

Fresh and tantalizing, Daniel Wesley’s vocals is what you’re after. When times are touch and things seem to be changing too fast, you come over and listen to ‘Older Now’. Daniel’s music has always been a call to live life to the fullest and on his newest full length, Beach Music, that call rings out more clearly than ever. Recorded with producer John Raham at Afterlife Studios, Beach Music finds Wesley reaffirming his roots, but also expanding on his signature brand of reggae-tinged beach music. Acceptance and understanding is what Daniel seem to be all about. His infectiously folk and charming musical efforts, just convinces us of that much. See it happen live next @ Adelaide Hall, Toronto on October 17th.

Forrest Run – We Are Young

“This is the very first song ‘Forrest Run’ wrote together as a band, and is the final song off the EP. A melancholic anthem if I’ve ever heard one (and if those two words can be used together like that).” Consisting of hip-hop producer Judah Winnett, electronic folk instrumentalist JaykeBarnes and indie pop vocalist Ayla (heard on triple j under her own project), ‘Forrest Run’ are a trio who are bringing the best of each of their worlds together into a new and exciting project. After jamming in Judah’s home studio late 2017, the trio realised they had something worth pursuing, and rapidly began accruing a set’s worth of demos. In 2018, theyrefined these demos into a shiny debut EP, with the help of renowned producer Tim Carr (Matt Corby, Urthboy, Le Pie and many more). The elements in ‘We Are Young’ is in the pop spectrum, but you just feel it beaming off into a bigger vibe than what it is supposed to be. That is what makes this song sing so large. It’s a genre bender that just please to infinity.

LaKyoto – Wannabe

“Wannabe is a twisted love song that focuses on some of the more negative emotions that are felt within a relationship, yet conveys these themes through the overriding feelings of true love, support and togetherness. The lyrics of the song teach us that love can hurt and take away, but that – no matter what – it is all worth it for the person you truly belong with. The central character in Wannabe offers support and wisdom to their partner, who appears to be crumbling under intense pressure. Wannabe is designed to teach us that no one needs to suffer alone, and that everyone deserves someone to watch over them and provide love and support.” LaKyoto are a four piece Electronic Pop band from Scotland’s music capital, Edinburgh. With a fiery passion and unique chemistry that translates perfectly from the studio to the stage, the four-piece have a hugely exciting year ahead of them, with a number of high profile supports, headline shows and festivals lined up throughout the year.

Ben Fox Smith – You Do then You Don’t

BEN FOX SMITH is a character and a half. A soul for whom life experience has been as thick as chocolate pudding, and a musical heart that beats as strong as it’s ever have. With a wit for irony and eyes for the ‘absurdities’ of life, he continues to do his own thang, when and how he pleases. And that’s the draw that Ben has been cultivating and disseminating to his fans all these years..his career began in earnest from the tender age of 17 with big contracts and tours. With his current personal, one man project, he instills, of himself, why he’d started making music and never deviates. ‘You Do Then You Don’t’ is off of his newest album, ‘Taciturn Lanzerac’.

Fever Days – Hard Luck

After a brief summer hiatus, Newcastle based 4 piece Fever Days have returned to put out alt-pop gem ‘Hard Luck’. The slinky pop situation, brings you to attention and drive you likely into a dancing mood. That’s okay. Welcome to the club. Fever Days’ sound combines elements of New Wave and lo-fi Alt-Pop, sitting somewhere between Graham Coxon and The Futureheads. Fever Days’ debut release ‘What’s Your Problem?’ landed on one of Spotify’s coveted ‘Fresh Finds’ playlists, and the band have honed their energetic live show with performances at festivals like Evolution Emerging and Meet The North, leading to tour support slots with The Pale White, Jordan Allen, Our Girl, and Spring King. See them next @ Digital Newcastle, Newcastle upon tyne UK, October 9th.


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