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Daniel Yoon’s Single ‘Tried’. A Revelation In Remembrance. Letting Go. But Not Yet.

Daniel Yoon is unknown to us, but his single ‘Tried’, a sultry epic of moving emotions from one spectrum to another, impresses with its confusion of thoughts and self refusals bound inherently by a slow and steady march towards some kind of acceptance.

The meaningful ballad is quiet and demure by design. And it’s the right way to tackle the subject matter in the lyrics.

He’s stated that the song is about a “conversation between him” and his friend who passed away. The total lapse of what to do – the urgency and utter angst is embedded within Yoon’s presentation.

Questions of formalities in life – living and the death of the living – is an old and successful one. For each individual dwells, one time or another, about the signals about what life really could and IS.

There’s no cracking of that code yet. The elements for questioning the ‘cruelty’ – itself – lives on.

Open up the door to another plane of existence, for you are not there yet.
Living and dying, internally consoled by the rap, tap, tapping.
Prickling diocese, concerned about the levity in professional emotions.
Idling, fortuitously – testing for creaking in the door hinges.

Yoon’s strength is his vocals and his enunciation of the words he professes. Each unique plate of sounds, tell some kind of emotive story. And that’s more important than anything a ballad folk singer can bring.

Good start for sure.


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