Daniella Mason ‘Steady’ : Even the strongest need to be with the things that makes living – a life.


Daniella Mason

Daniella Mason’s work makes big impressions. And when the vibe of her vocal beauty and expression filled ambience, you’re already in love. The battle is over. You’re now ready to take a trip with Daniella, into that pop ether, embracing the up ahead horizon.

With expectations of her upcoming EP ‘Physical State’ building, the Nashville artist has been driving her alt-pop goodness. And with each song, she can’t help but deliver stories of different angles, poignant and kind. She’s never let go of the good things in her personal life. She’s attained energy and the will to go forth, from those ‘little things’ that matter.

“This industry can be hard on me. It’s fickle and unfaithful and it’s not something you can cling to or ground yourself in,” said Daniella. “So, I’ve learned to hold on to the steady things in my life, namely my partner and husband,” she explains. “He keeps me upright and keeps me fighting. There were times in my life when I was drawn to drama— the ups and downs. I probably would have overlooked a quiet, steady soul like his back then, but it’s everything I need— the peace, the ground. That’s why I included ‘Steady’ on Physical State. When I listen to it, it grounds me. It centers me. It keeps me in my body, just like the man it’s written for.”

Each record explores the different parts of our humanity that we have a hard time accepting and openly embracing.

So, her journey continues. ‘Steady’ represents the next step into her art, and profession to her life and loves. A reminder that even stars need an arm to caress. A reminder that even the strongest need to be with the things that makes living – a life.

‘Steady’ is gorgeous.



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