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Danielle Knibbe Shares ‘Long Distance’. “Leaving us wanting, more and more.”

Impeccable lyrics and beautifully built harmonies, keep making us feel wanting and wanting some more of ‘Long Distance’. With the classic adherence to live instruments when called upon, singer/songwriter DANIELLE KNIBBE makes it a pocket sized extravaganza to be a part of. The irresistible longing is communicated indelibly through 80’s like layers, with keys and guitar of modern indie-folk goodness.

Toronto based and Edmonton grown Danielle brings a complete notion for what a love song could be in this world of white noise and unfulfilled potentials. ‘Long Distance’ comes up with the those ‘goods’. The song is part of a 2 song EP which includes ‘Long Distance’ and ‘Footnote’.

“‘Long Distance’ is a reflection on a time when my boyfriend (now-husband) was going to school in Toronto and I was based in Edmonton,” says Danielle. “He was always so stoic when he had to leave to go back to Toronto, and I would be a complete mess. This song is everything I wish I’d had the nerve to say in the moment, and it only took me six years to work up the courage.”

In the past year, Danielle has been working on her now new sophomore album ‘The Ribcasge & The Heart’ (March 1st).

It should be a fun, emotional ride.



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