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Danni Cassette’s Single ‘BANANA’. “This Universe Is Bananas Sometimes, For Sure.”

DANNI CASSETTE’s single ‘Banana’ is an exercise of beautiful r&b/soul, that is very much about the fruit we all love to consume. But Danni has a plan, and that plan is to help us understand that “A banana is essential and good for us, but once consumed immediately thrown away…Our influence and affect on culture isn’t always rewarded. Reciprocity feels like it, itself is ANALOG. BANANA is about accepting how necessary you are, even if the world never shows you.”

Why though you ask?

That’s why it’s a fab song.

You ask about it. The lyrics are odd. However, they stick to us like glue.

What a Universe we live it, eh?

“Banana! Banana!”

Yep. This Universe is ‘bananas’ sometimes, for sure =D

DANNI CASSETTE knows more than you (definitely more than us at CHF). She knows more about YOU than you know about yourself. She’s trying to help you. She’s toured all over. She’s told others that they ARE ‘crazy’, and helped them accept their true identities in this crazy planet we live in.

That’s why this single matters.

Even if it’s in a small way.

Oh, and bananas are so good for you that in past decades they were sometimes called as ‘the perfect food’. Eggs protested, and no one calls bananas that label any more.

But we all know better right?



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