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Danny Downing Shares Single ‘Memories Survive’. They Sure Do. Hold On.

The ‘straining’ in the vocals of Danny Downing’s single ‘Memories Survive’ tells the kind of story, we like to hear. The side of desperation is indicative and sodden in those few notes, which help us guided and delve deeper into the focus of the song. It’s serendipitous, you might say, but it’s a connection that is important to us at CHF, for there are countless times when such ‘uniqueness’ doesn’t reveal itself in an artist’s song. It’s a very common theme.

But not here. It’s a great addition.

“I wrote this song after finding myself getting caught up in the digital/material world and I felt like all that time spent connected I was really disconnected from making memories of my own. I feel its an important message to not just chase after the latest thing but enjoy the things that stay, like friends, family, nature, etc.” – Downing.

The vulnerability is transcribed with sharp elbows and the cautious but optimistic road he Wants To Take, is evident and assuredly warrants empathy from the listener.

We sure did. And we held on.

A new album is in schedule to drop sometime this July.



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