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Dante Matas Shares ‘Talking To Yourself’. “Don’t let it fester. Let it loose.”

DANTE MATAS’ single ‘Talking To Yourself’ is a reflective take on a commonality that we all can relate. It is the sum of all that consumes at our lowest and our highest points. It is the valley that turns upside down, into a peak, when you’d least expected. And it is the frown that turns into a smile when isolated and seem to be utterly alone.

The private moments.

They fester.

They linger.

And in a fast second, it can turn into your worst enemy in gangrene poison.

Toxic to the touch.

But Dante, in his heart of hearts, absorbs the bad and excretes the goodness that his music could provide.

‘Talking To Yourself’ is a charming and resolute deliverance in a potential positivity that could outshine the rest.

We think he’s right.

Dante is based out of Canada and does his thing.

Dig it.



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