Dany Placard – Full Face

“Come with me to that place we always talked about. Hold my hand.” Dany Placard’s Full Face is a single from the September album of the same name. His resounding audio power of his vocals, brings you, holds you, and tears you apart – it’s a good thing.

The Montreal Canada native has been in the French speaking music scene for a long while.

He’s a veteran, knows his stuff – but most importantly kicks out approachable music/songs by the handful.

Demonstrated in this song ‘Full Face’, it’s hard to grasp too deeply what the lyrics say, because of the language challenges, but it’s poignant. What we mean by that is that it has a substance that is very 70’s rock-ish texture, obligated by his current sensibilities.

On the LP ‘Full Face’, this is definitely demonstrated in the progression of the songs.

It’s a trip.

Also, we like that on some of his songs – on this LP, and on some on his past publications – tell us of that rock attitude, sprinkled with the ambience of ‘Pink Floyd’. It’s not a literal or obvious reflection, but there are times, the environment turns to that universe.

And that is a good thing, in our opinion.

But before you get all bunched up about the comparison… don’t. Most of his stuff just feels like his own and his own, only.

It’s always cool to have some mix of sensibilities, we think.

Well, that’s our opinion anyway.

Anywho, this song is something to grasp onto.

FYI. Our fave songs on his ‘Full Face’ LP are: ‘Montagnes russes’, ‘Full Face’, and ‘Sleeping Bag’.

Lots of genres, styles – love it.

Ok, he’s rep’ed by Simone Records, working out of Montreal Canada.


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