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DARA: New Single ‘Don’t Wanna Cry’ Talks Language Of The Heart, With Gorgeous Atmosphere.

DARA’s latest unbound and expansive single ‘Don’t Wanna Cry’ is a masterful stroke from the singer/songwriter. With the weight and heft cross-stitched deep within the wounds of the heart of the synth driven atmosphere, the harmonies encapsulate the memories of loss, mischief, defiance, and resistance to a level in personal incredulity.

The talented Nashville based pop artist comes from all sides of the spectrum as she’d demonstrated with her previous single ‘Liar’ – a blues based classic rapture of a single, rounded by horns and tastefully manifested by DARA’s understated vocals.

Parlaying that success, she has more than surprised us with her new single ‘Don’t Wanna Cry’, which is near a 180 degree turn, where she has successfully captured the aesthetics of a indie-dream-pop band, whittling it down to the core of her natural artistic essence. The emotions are free to roam in this latest single, and it is evident that, that freedom of movement, offers much more for our senses than ever before.

“‘Don’t Wanna Cry’ is about the guilt you feel when you know you’re going to break someone’s heart. It about a relationship that you know is not going to work and you know that you have to move on, but you still care about the other person. To me, that’s sort of the most excruciating thing ever.”

The connection made by DARA is just remarkable in both audio and visuals. Simplicity and versatility, in excellence – all in one breath.

DARA is the project by Dara Sisterhen, and we’re enamored by her beautiful talents, to say the least.

Kudos, Dara. Kudos.

The visual direction was conducted by Casey Pierce (credits include BASECAMP’s ‘In Stone’) and aligns perfectly to what Dara’s single wants to say.

Expect DARA’s 2nd studio EP in 2019.



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