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Dare Summer // Kezar // Kafka Tamura // ANA x The Toxic Avenger // Jaws of Love

Dare Summer – No Better

London based songwriter, singer and piano-player, Dare Summer has been writing songs for as long as she can remember. Her message is that no one, whether friend, stranger on the street, boss or world leader has the right to think they’re better than anyone else and if you do find yourself in a position of authority, hold yourself to a higher standard – otherwise you’re no better than me. Dynamic vibes come off of the shine that Dare Summer brings to the fore. With grounded exuberance of her uniquely positioned vocals, she highlights with worldly resistance, while delivering with both sweetness and tang that’s deserved. The artist had been exposed to jazz and the classic as she’d grew up. Taking all of her experiences and describing through her music, has been her passion and driving force within her life. In ‘No Better’ the feelings are utterly consumed by the 80’s like disco vibes, that twinkle in a sun shower of gold and sprits. A delicate pop single that gains much for its acumen for staying in the lanes of pop, but fascinatingly bleeds into new forms and dimensions. ‘No Better’ is a surprising treat.

Kezar – Born

Jack Mosbacher is the man behind his newest project Kezar. The Bay Area based artist comes at us with fabulous falsetto vocals, and the distinct feeling of taking us to cloud 9 with his chorus. From the first note to the last, Jack’s decadent r&b/soulful vocals are a throwback to a place of beauty and gorgeous lights in audible treks. “Said Jack: “’Born’ is a straight-up homage to my favorite music as a kid – slow-burning 90s R&B – but updated for today’s sound. You’ll hear in it all of the elements that made me fall in love with Blackstreet, Missy Elliott, Alicia Keys, and Aaliyah – big present vocals, harmonies, string samples, 808s, and so on.” An admiration for the ol’ school, his concoction in ‘Born’, casts only the colors of love and affection for the listener. Thick with expertise and top shelf perfection, Jack’s presence in this song soars beyond.

Kafka Tamura – Berlin

Following the streaming success of their debut album ‘Nothing To Everyone’ (over 15 million streams), Southampton/Berlin duo Kafka Tamura returns with their new EP. From the title track ‘Berlin’, it depicts “a big change in my life,” stated 22 year-old Emma Dawkins. “At this point, I feel like my reality has been shattered and that I’m broken, but I’m actually thinking straight and I know what I want. I just need to do it.” With dynamic vocal confidence displayed by Emma, throughout her songs, together with bandmate, Gabriel Häuser, the duo “clearly as resonant on stage as it is on record, with Emma’s voice carefully weaving between sharp beats and raw electronics.” There’s something about the band and its offerings, as there is always an air of mystic valence of multi-colored triage to the constructions. But there is always a shine of alt-pop goodness that adds to the lore of the duo’s conceptual dealings and creative alignments. The album just dropped, and we all should dig.

ANA x The Toxic Avenger – CHAOS

Chaos is a French song co-produced with one of the best French producer of electronic music, The Toxic Avenger.
ANA’s minimalist vocals, duo with electronic twisted voices, associated with the deaf and controlled power of rhythm gives a strong intensity to the piece, as if a dark room were suddenly illuminated. Coming from the synth-wave with the pseudo SIERRA, she is the French discovery 2019 in this Musical style. ‘Chaos’ is the second single of the ‘Faux’ EP. Lustful, mahogany, dripping, uncontrollable – this production hits all the right spots to this fab sound in synth-pop goodness.

Jaws of Love (Local Natives Side Project) – Giving Up Is Not The Easiest Way Out

Said Kelcey Ayer of Local Natives: “I wrote ‘Giving Up Is Not The Easiest Way Out’ after trying to help a friend with some challenging life problems. She was at a point off paralysis, feeling as though there was no place to even begin solving them. I like to think of GUINTEWO as a calming meditation: relax, zoom out, breathe, and just take one step. Problems don’t go away, so whenever you can take just one step towards making things better, the hardest part is already over.” Self produced and recorded during the holidays of 2018, the Los Angeles based artist sings with beautiful expressions and honesty. A tragic foretelling of a possibility of maybe’s, the anthemic and uplifting melancholy drives energy and action from the listener’s emotional preponderance. Kelcey’s vocals exude radical confidence, while luxuriating in the everyday and the human.


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