Dare Summer ‘Step Back’ : Like the impending thunder clouds above and beyond the horizon.

Dare Summer

With a voice that is like the impending thunder clouds above and beyond the horizon, Dare Summer’s beautiful and full vision of ‘Step Back’ is exactly what you needed – right now.

“I wrote Step Back a couple of years ago at a bit of a low point,” said Dare. “I woke up one day in 2018 and realised that I’d spent much of the previous couple of years feeling such a palpable sense of anger at the injustices and absurdities of the world that I could barely concentrate on anything else. I didn’t necessarily want to ignore it or even suppress it, rather to get to a place where I could transform the energy into something positive through music which would then ripple out. It became such a central focus of my life I felt like I could have written a book on it, hence the depiction of me reading a novel called Step Back in the illustrated single artwork.”

London-based songwriter, singer and piano-player, Dare Summer has been writing songs for as long as she can remember. Dare finds melodies in the harmony and words in her experiences, putting them into notes and words for the world to embrace.

And we’d been blown away with Dare’s multi-platinum-like production to her lyrical dedication and construction acumen. Her beats and melodies, crush your heart, when they want – and you can’t do anything about it, but just listen.

Added Dare: “I tell the story with both words and music, bringing the song to a dramatic conclusion with powerful choral BVs symbolising unity and strength. I worked once again with producer Dean Marriott on this song and it is the second release of 2020 with more to come this year.”

Powerful, angled, residual in emotions, and heavy with purposeful attitudes, ‘Step Back’ is another level of excellence from this lovely and talented artist.


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