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DareDevil Squadron // The Perfect Mess // We Is Shore Dedicated // Swerve // NVDES

DareDevil Squadron – Them

We guess we just are born the way we are. What we’re talking about is that rock is deep within our soul. No matter what genre or style of rock, it’s just just hits the right spot. In terms of hard-rock, you can’t deny the fun that DAREDEVIL SQUADRON’s ‘Them’ represents. The song is a throwback to, arguably, a golden age of alt-rock in the 80’s. The time changes, the staggering, the twists, and the turns, is a trip and, in our little CHF way, we’re celebrating the part of rock that still thrives. Heavy metal horns baby. Go go!

The Perfect Mess – We Take Control

They call their music as ‘Lo-Fi Hi-Fi’. They see their music as a ‘whole new era, the beginning of something bigger’. Bigger than themselves? In a Universal method? In an existential and visceral way? Arguably. But we then to agree. ‘We Take Control’ is a song that puts more weight to the credence of the manifesto sullied by the band. The unexpected sounds, and the mix and matching exercises in such a single, radiates the subdued effervescence indicative a life deemed too precious. The Sweden based band is lead by Niklas Bohm and Mikko Viitala. They make light into night, and night into something wonderful. Let’s listen.

We Is Shore Dedicated – Arctic Methane

Violin, flute, guitar, keys, drums, fleeting and empathetic vocals – all these elements make for a contagious experience in folk-rock goodness of WE IS SHORE DEDICATED. “When I was a kid and I was listening to the Beatles,” says Sam Tsitrin. “My favorite parts of their music were these medleys they would do, or when they would jump from one song to another and just switch, switch, switch.” The weaving instrumental expressions in ‘Arctic Methane’ takes our hand on a journey through an early rain soaked morning through the misty back roads of a hillside forest. The damp essence of nature at each crackling of fall leaves, alleviate your daily tensions, curling your lips upwards in solace and mitigated happiness. The tapestry of artists’ (formed in a Brooklyn & Oakland CA Universe) newest album ‘No Ski Here Ogi Sap’ is available now.

Swerve – She Cut Her Hand

‘She Cut Her Hand’ is the newest fair from Los Angeles based alt-band SWERVE. It’s creator, Gregory Mahdesian, wrote the single from a ‘recurring dream’ he’d had. The dream caused him much discomfort and had haunted him for a long while. The song as he’d put it, is the state of ‘losing faith’ in anything that you’d depended on and believed in. As a coincidence, for Gregory, it fits the narrative of the current political and social atmosphere of our country. The dark and brooding, commentary of a song, leads you to a dark alley with guitars of razor and menace of the other-worldly vocals. Get in, the blood bath is about to start.

NVDES – HEAD ON FIRE (video director Parker Day)

It’s no secret we’re big fans of NVDES. The chameleons of music, they make you think and just blow your pants away with unexpected hooks and extravagance. In ‘Head On Fire’ they hit it big again. And in the accommodating video, the punk driven single is delectable and you just can’t stop listening to it. Starring Moodkiller, the ‘chaos’ is sharply driven down you chest with a precision of a Katana, meeting your liver, for the death blow. Then you wake up and with the hard-grinding vocal effects scraping your backside, a new horizon is delivered for your Christening. This video is Art: A. R. T. And NVDES is: F. A. B. You dig?? Good.


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