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Daren Sirbough Shares ‘Casualty’. “The sweet never tastes as sweet…”

Filled with the uncertainty that grips and binds, the single ‘Casualty’ brings a love-story of misgivings and loss.

“‘Casualty’ is about my first love and the eventual breakup,” said DAREN SIRBOUGH. “It is a tale of love, lost love and how it affected me. I wanted to express a poignant time in my life and to capture the essence of how that felt. That specific experience has stuck with me even if the memory and feelings have faded over time. Those ‘firsts’ often times leave an indelible memory that you will carry with you for the rest of your life.”

With the high arching vocals, describing in one note, of the personal trauma of relationship, heaving in your eardrum, ‘Casualty’ is that one sliver of time that was the happiest and of the worst. The sweet never taste sweetest, without the bitter, and in this frame of mind, Daren is able to sweep in that moment’s pause, in a beautifully aligned progression.

That romance of being in love.

That high of being able to love, with all your heart.

All dashed, in a moment’s collateral collision.

The sweet never tastes as sweet…

Still hurts with a passion, though right?

Looking forward to more from Daren, indeed.



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