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DARK FAIR Shares New Single ‘Distance In The Line’. Debut Album August 24th.

Ramona Moore and Ellie Dunn are the dynamic duo behind this interestingly fantastic band named DARK FAIR. This time they are ready and set for the debut of their album ‘Off Into My Head’. So exciting for them!

They formed in 2012, friends who wanted to rock, building off of Ramona’s guitar and Ellie’s drumming prowess, the two built their way up to where they are today. Pop, rock, everything in between, for sure.

The LP will deliver 10 tracks, with alt-rock written all of over them. Then they’ll sprinkle some DARK FAIR pixie dust to blend the mountain of attitude and poppy licks + lyrics.

Take a hack at this single ‘Distance In The Line’.

We think you’ll dig.



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