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Darknaut Shares ‘Soulsearch Commando’.

DARKNAUT’s ‘Soulsearch Commando’ is a drag ’em out, rattling, machine gun of electronica that hits you at the solar plexus. It’s like when you stop too quick at the convenience store, looking forward to the chili-dog slathered with yummy-ness, your hot coffee spills in your car – on your lap – scalding hot.

The style of this single isn’t a brand new theme, but it never gets old. For it’s a dream scenario for any gamer, and even for psyching yourself up before a match of some kind.

It’s like getting into a World War 2 tank, where the enemy can hurt (or kill) you at every turn. Fire that front mounted machine gun, would ya! Protect thyself!

Well, that is if you can see out the little peep hole, after the smoke inside becomes intolerable from the shell fires.

But that’s just ‘complaining’, right? Just like the coffee on your lap-of-life.

Well, then suddenly you’re dead. Reset the game, now.

Do it right this time, would ya?

Looks like DARKNAUT is starting out on this fabulous synthwave production journey. We wish him/her the best of the best. You can feel the excitement, for sure.



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