Darko Richards ‘The Fabric’ (ft. Xenoform) : An upbeat electronic and cinematic track. Cosmic in presence.

Darko Richards

An upbeat electronic and cinematic track with elements reminiscent of the late 90’s and early 2000’s era of the big beat generation (The Prodigy, The Chrystal Method, etc…). Lyrically referencing philosophical ideas usually found in eastern philosophies where the universe and existence in general are viewed as a one single organism. Collaboration between two artists/bands residing in USA and Russia.

A synthesis of past and present elements of electronic, industrial, and rock music, with a strong cinematic influence at its core.

The latest album, Into Orbit, is an energetic 7 track album that fans of electronic music in general will appreciate from start to finish. An album rich with variety and themes, Into Orbit offers 30-minutes that seamlessly merges different popular genres such as electro, synthwave, dubstep, industrial, and rock music.


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