darling kaye ‘shark attack’ : It’s a deodorant for the normality that is this world, at times.

darling kaye

“I watched a video clip about an Australian surfer being attacked by a shark when I was starting to write the album in 2019. I realized that as terrifying as a shark attack would be, in a way we are all risking being subject to such violence and unpredictability in our every day lives.”

“With the way things are in the world right now, (not even just violence and war, but even the sheer chaos of walking down the street with cars and trucks driving fast right next to you), you’d think we would all live in constant fear as if a shark was circling right underneath us. However, we do not live in constant fear. Generally, we go on about our lives in varying states of happiness/sadness as if the shark is not circling us at all. This song is also a metaphorical account of a human-maker watching us flail around in the water from an outside perspective.”

darling kaye’s music is a hero of ours. As a culmination of sight and sound, the ultra talented subterranean alien of a music artist, devastates his audiences with each song. Stripped down, or layered to the hilt, ‘shark attack’ is one that is perfectly suitable for those not so fresh days you will continue to have.

It’s a deodorant for the normality that is this world, at times.


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