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Darryl Morris Shares ‘Hollywood’. Cool Way to Get-Away For A While.

Going into the days of sentimental memories of the past, brings out the goodness of the soul. Friends of ours, friends of others get together to plan out the practicalities of life and what are not.

Depictions and evaluation of what you have and not, holds some water. It is about the things that are most important to you.

DARRYL MORRIS’ single ‘Hollywood’ is a classic method of modern rock going back to the 80’s and 90’s. The style is effervescent and is inherent in the design of this type of music. However, Darryl’s vocals give the layer of honesty and accessibility that is important to recognize and appreciate. Because without Darryl’s voice, there’s isn’t anything that can be said or being unique.

This bespoke temperamental statement of his experiential story telling is a cool way to get-away for a while, while not moving from your office desk.

Kudos, Darryl. Kudos.



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