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Darryl Rahn Shares ‘The Grey’. “Cinematic. Evolved. Beautifully Framed.”

DARRYL RAHN brings us ‘The Grey’. A beautiful single framed by a beautifully crystal vocals of Darryl, negates the (sometimes) unfair Universe. Euphoria is what comes to mind when listening to ‘The Grey’. It’s that interstitial Galactic travel you’d always wanted to take. And in this case you ARE there to witness a supernova of emotional capacities.



Surviving, the longing for HER.

The Utica, NY native independently released 3 LPs and 2 EPs, and he’s onto his next in August 31st of 2018. And just like his ambitious heart dictated, he started his professional career traveling to Nashville alone, to pursue his craft. Now back in the North East (Brooklyn) he’s getting set for his support tour of his latest album ‘Making Strangers’.

We think ‘The Grey’ sets a different bar for Darryl. It’s his most cinematic and evolved single. It sides with his growing mind and body, with beautiful aesthetics posing the right questions, and describing the banal – which is ‘everything’ sometimes in a story telling premise.

Kudos. Let’s see where it goes from here.



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