Das Mörtal ‘Wicked Desires’ : Sultriness with the radical underworld tones, which he excels.

Das Mörtal

The Montreal native and synthwave producer, Das Mörtal, brings single ‘Wicked Desires’. The concept of his upcoming album and singles release dates is based on a pagan holiday calendar.

Das Mörtal’s album ‘Hotline Miami II’ has racked up over 8 Million streams and he has featured on Spotify playlists including Retrowave/ Outrun, Dr. Disrespect, and Apple Playlist ÉlectroniQC. He has toured with Perturbator, shared the stage with Carpenter Brut, Gost, Danger, Dan Terminus, Tommy’86 and Le Matos, and performed at festivals such as Les Transmusicales and Osheaga Festival.

Das Mörtal (Cristóbal Cortes) has produced the soundtracks for a few films, including Naissance d’un Zombie and feature film Deadcon resulting in a significant rise in results on Shazam. His 2017 album Always Loved (which is still selling rapidly on vinyl) featured collaborations with French Fox and Ghost Twin and received international acclaim that allowed Das Mörtal to headline his first US tour.

Inspired by artists such as Steve Moore and Aphex Twin, Das Mörtal creates an obscure and nostalgic sound, mixing influences from german techno to horror and sci-fi movie soundtracks. Drawing parallels to artists such as Gesaffelstein, Perturbator, and Waveshaper he traverses the landscapes of synthwave, new wave and techno.

Crisp, dark, anthemically dynamic, ‘Wicked Desires’ incorporate an other dimensional Tears for Fears-esque sultriness with the radical underworld tones, which Das Mörtal excels.

Something new. Always engaging.


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