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DATTA BOY Shares His Own Twist In ‘Dirty Diana’. “Michael Jackson, Steve Stevens, and Datta Boy. Oh Yea.”

DATTA BOY in his rendition of ‘Dirty Diana’ has correctly and fabulously put a piece together in honor for one of his musical heroes.

‘Dirty Diana’ is one of Michael Jackson’s iconic singles. And just like so many of his other songs, his use of the guitar to drop and highlight experiences in the emotions of a song was always genius. Steve Stevens was the guitarist of note for that single and give you that background of exquisite expertise and emotions of what the song is trying to say, clearly and forcefully. It’s always equated in studio and on-stage so very well, and in repeat fashion.

The former college fullback and pro American footballer, DATTA BOY has the kind of humor and self-awareness that will assist in this harsh world of business.

Oh and looks like he’s really into Vincent Price and the whole horror flicks of the past. That makes us happy.


DB’s style is whimsical, assertive, and approachable from any angle. Let’s see where DATTA leads us next time, in this grand life quest.



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