Dave Barrie ‘Set In Stone’ : “Overcoming personal fears, anxieties and procrastination.” Folding the trepidations.

Dave Barrie

Brisbane born, now Noosa based Dave Barrie grew up with music running through his veins. His father a session drummer and mother a piano teacher, his earliest memories are of lugging the instruments up on stage for his parents’ band and thus, music surrounding him from an early age inevitably seeped into his soul.

“‘Set In Stone’ is about overcoming personal fears, anxieties and procrastination, to take a risk and do that one thing you’ve always dreamed of doing, but for so long have put off,” said Dave. “For me, it’s going through with writing, recording and releasing original music. For others it could be sky diving, going for a new job, swimming with sharks, learning how to drive – nearly everyone has ‘that thing I’ve been wanting to do'”.

Two EPs released in Australia in 2009 and 2011 earned Dave wide praise in the local scene, backed by relentless touring, mostly up and down Australia’s east coast. This led to a host of European shows and some residency gigs in the UK. Fatherhood in 2013 swiftly put the brakes on his music ambitions for a few years before re-locating to the beautiful coastal town of Noosa in Queensland, Australia. Dave returned to the recording studio in 2019 armed with a batch of new original songs.

Look for his upcoming EP ‘Sprint Through A Hurricane’ due out later in 2020.


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