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Dave Ernst // Joe Bray // Hot Dreams // Quality Cable // Eric Vitoff

Dave Ernst – Pallbearer

“That drink is the last for the night,” you tell yourself, as you look at the bottom of the glass. You wipe your eyes, scraping off some of the tiredness from the hurt you felt from the world. We feel like that at the end of the day or of that week, a lot of times, don’t we? And as DAVE ERNST tells it in this single ‘Pallbearer’, life is but a finite commodity. It’s there for a very short time. And that string of chances for us to be fulfilled from this journey, becomes shorter and shorter as the days seem to last forever. Let’s not see ourselves to the grave, as an empty husk, if we can help it. Love if you can. Love more when you can. Be happy, genuinely. And honestly engage with your surroundings with heart and open arms, for it will end one day. “People and places” is what DAVE ERNST writes songs about, and we appreciate that so. As his debut LP ‘Hickory Switch’ (March 1st) will drop soon he states: “We are all having a blast,” says Ernst, “At the end of the day we just want to have a great time and make some music that makes us proud and has meaning to those listening.” Bravo.

Joe Bray – Orange Juice

JOE BRAY’s EP will drop in February. And why should you know this information? Because if you feel like your life is on the fence between dimensions, a songwriter like JOE BRAY can be a good supplement vitamin for your ailments. ‘Orange Juice’ is, in the highest order, a reclamation for the heartless and a tool for extracting the actual essence of a feeling, within a feeling. It’s that last 10% that is thick, aromatic, and summarizes each and every un-mentionable notions you’d concealed for your lifetime. Drive the synth to another carpet ride to your fulfilled potential; hit that dub drum beats, and you will shock yourself to freedom – from yourself. It’s a gentle reminder of what a song can be. It’s information you should aware of. Now you are.

Hot Dreams – Stronger

London based indie band HOT DREAMS builds castles, brick by brick, and in ‘Stronger’, they continue to show their ways and means of constructing beautiful sentiments within their notes. As they take their steps closer to the release of their debut album, the band continues to paint pictures of moods in sonic form, which helps us mortals to absorb and try to soar together, to that glorious sky of possibilities. This fabulous band consists of: Cam Fyall, Kai Fennell, Aaron Clarke, and Alex Bloomfield. See them live beginning in Feb 18th at Exchange in Bristol UK.

Quality Cable – Drowned Out

Louisville Kentucky based indie-rock band, QUALITY CABLE, is that trip to the mountains for a hike with your friends in that reliable hatchback of dreams. ‘Drowned Out’ is simply a fabulous single. With dreamy-hazy-gazy guitars shimmering your path, while Emma’s vocals helping you traverse this Universe of ups and downs, all just becomes ‘good’ with your life for a moment. QC is a refreshing blend of nostalgic indie-rock-pop with the heavenly layering of beautiful composing and arrangement. The band hits many genres, with interesting use of jazz, funk, disco, and bossa nova recognitions. It’s a trip and a half – in that hatchback of dreams. Let’s ride.

Eric Vitoff – Love That Only Grows

ERIC VITOFF is not only a fab singer/songwriter, but seems to be a swell guy. Taking his recent experiences of a once loved girlfriend, he turns it into this dainty and funky guitar driven pop tune named ‘Love That Only Grows’. The scent of her skin and her beautiful eyes close up when in intimate caress, is the summation for the world which existed and surrounded his everyday. On the cusp of radio-pop and unrelenting cuteness, this single ravages the notions of what each relationship leaves behind, no matter how or how dramatically it ends. It continues, without avail, whether you like it or not – even after it’s all over. ‘Love That Only Grows’ is a fabulous tune by a fab songwriter, ERIC VITOFF.


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