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Dave Sheinin Shares ‘Talking To Myself’. Down Memory Lane. Warm Sunbeam That You Need.

Dave Sheinin is a veteran sport writer for The Washington Post, with many awards and accolades around his belt and above it. He writes feature columns about baseball and what the strategies of that most American of sports mean to the public. And then there is the music side of this writer. In March he’d published and released his album ‘First Thing Tomorrow’. It’s a collection of pop-rock songs (which there are 10), with subjects tallying and bleeding into remembrance, love, attitudes, and self-reflection.

For example in this particular single ‘Talking To Myself’, the lyrics are the highlight.

“the sun goes down
we’re another day closer to dying
what did you make of the day
or did you just throw it away
i think it’s gonna come up again
so won’t you knock off the crying
nothing’s an absolute loss
so come on down from your cross
there are no callings in life
there’s only what you have the guts to try
follow through or it dies
and no one knows it better than i”

We appreciate such light hearted ‘recommendations’ within the lyrics and song. It’s very ‘calming’ and ‘supportive’. And that is relevant and sound; for there are elements of a single (or an album) that has to ‘come-alive’ to a listener. And this single comes alive with its early ‘Billy Joel-esque’ and ‘The Monkees-esque’ vocal pronouncements and harmonies, which all delight.

The day becomes a bit brighter after you listen to it.

And what a way to start a day.

Kudos, Dave. Kudos.

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