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DAVEY AND THE CHAINS’ Single ‘Bomberos’ Throws You A Love-Bomb. Catch The Heat.

Weird-pop it is not. At least to us. It is where we love to play and congregate. DAVEY AND THE CHAINS’ single ‘Bomberos’ is just the tip of that glorious iceberg – bright neon blue, dominated by the crystal clear sanity, wrapped in the ‘insanity’ of the world that surrounds our carcasses.

DATC is fronted by David Ulrich and the fizzy pop riffs, dancing on the rails of doo-wop-esque effervescent goodness is what he bring for us to listen to. And it’s what you’d been waiting for your whole existential life.

Float above your external vanities.

Paddle towards that ‘life-for-real-life’ exchange at the corner store.

Never be grounded that your knees won’t be able to get up that staircase.

The songwriting by David is consequential and we deem it one of those critical pieces for this dimension to work properly. The ‘wholeness’ of his lyrics carves up the scene, without even trying too hard. You want to hug it. You want to kiss it. You just want to pass along the ‘fab’ of the song to your friends.

But don’t fret, if this inkling passes you by. You can just enjoy the funk-infused music David offers, now and for the future.

His live band consists of Owen Stewart (Ruby the Hatchet) plays drums and sings backups, RJ Gilligan (Dark Web, Meddlesome Bells) shreds a groovy second guitar, Maxwell Cudworth ((U)nity) plays Fela Kuti-esque electric piano, and Ulrich’s wife Kellyn Walker plays bass.

Talent galore.

Now. Have at it.



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