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David Cevoli // MAYVE // Chloe Foy // Wintersleep // CRABE

David Cevoli – My Soul Still Longs for You

We’d called DAVID CEVOLI as an artist who “conveys the experience that he’s collected, correctly and poignantly.” The Barcelona Spain based artist New Yorker does his thing, and in his own way. His music journeys through his adventures and sentiments for his experiences. Gentile and rockin’ at the same time, the guitar work tells all that you need to know. ‘My Soul Still Longs For You’ is his part of his latest album and keeps on the legacy he’s set for himself. We’d also stated that his songs come “with melancholically effervescent keys playing to buoy any soul.” To be sure.

MAYVE – Head High (GRiZ)

Isn’t this song fab? ‘Head High’ (by GRiZ) is the alt-pop sliver of brightness that is sexy and delectable at the same time. It induces the drool effect that we look for in a song. Because we want to be sexy too. We all do sometimes. ‘Head High’ can help you. And it does. MAYVE is a trio from Long Island, New York and delivers with the shimmer of new love and expectations that gives us heart flutters. The exorbitant amount of positivity from this single isn’t deserved by souls like us. But we’ll take it. Let’s dance!

Chloe Foy – Oh You Are Not Well

Beautiful musings of CHLOE FOY’s vocals is a trip of the un-relenting. The vocal prowess is expanding and ever-lasting, but it has the heft as heavy as the glowing sun. Perplexing. However, none the less excoriating-ly gorgeous. We probably are seeing and listening to the truth of Chloe. And that truth comes with the gravity of her craft excellence. “I always liked the idea of doing a Christmas song and recently in the studio we had a bit of extra time on our hands so we decided to try In the Bleak Midwinter as it’s one of my favourite carols. We kept it really simple with just guitar and vocals and a little bit of Rhodes and did it in a few takes. It was a very spontaneous thing.” This alt-pop songstress takes it to the next. Whether you’re looking for styles like Sharon Van Etten, Lucy Rose, Laura Marling, CHLOE FOY must be one of your consideration. You must.

Wintersleep – Forest Fire

‘In The Land Of’ is the 7th full length record from WINTERSLEEP. A gorgeous single, ‘Forest Fire’ is at the center of the winter storm, but it drives the calm confidence of a love that cannot be shaken. From here to the forever, she is you. You are her. And even if the relationship falters, that very fact never changes with time, nor space, nor any angle of explanation. The other will always occupy that corner of your dreams, your mind, your being. The landscape is defined beautifully by the gloriously gracious vocal harmonies of WINTERSLEEP. The arrangement is deliberate in its perfection, as the listener is swept irrevocably into the abyss of where we’d want to be. Oh, it feels so good.

CRABE – Le monde entier

Gabriel Lapierre and Mertin Höek has been entertaining our dark side of the moon with 6 albums, many EPs, and a whole lot of fun and attitude. And in 2019, they keep the narrative going with their 7th album, ‘Notre-Dame de la Vie intérieure’. And from it forms this outer solar system of a single named ‘Le monde entier’ drops, with exquisite rivets collectively securing its place in the sun. We’re wowed by this single, as it keeps on surprising with controlled chaos and heavy-metal antics that drive you ‘insane’. Ridiculous and ridiculously fabulous, the production is like reading a coffee table book about the world’s history in one volume: awe inspiring, purely enjoyable, unrelenting, and vast. And best of all, CRABE brings that collection of experimentation and unique musical art amenities to where ever they perform live. CRABE is many sub-genres rolled into one big and beautiful sculpture. You should dig them.


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