David Dondero ‘Thought I Was A Hurricane’ : Cheers to the greatest meteorologists to ever live.

David Dondero

“‘Thought I Was A Hurricane’ is a pop rock song of self deprecation, written after escaping a hurricane in Carolina and going down to Tampa to wait out the storm in the Autumn of 2018,” said David. “I ended up at a hotel full of Scorpions fans. I didn’t go to the show but i wrote this song instead. The song gives a nod to the late John Hope, one of the greatest meteorologists to ever live – The original weather channel hurricane update man.”

David’s work on this is something that is inspirational.

From a perspective of content, lyricists are journal takes at heart and when a seemingly hum-drum everyday scene is recognized and a song is written from it, you can start to appreciate the forethought of such processes.

What it takes is a philosophy and determination to bring such banal moments to life. You can say David’s single ‘Thought I Was A Hurricane’ is like taking a snap shot photo of that one slice of life. It’s a hard thing to do. But when done right, it feels good. Glorious. This single charms the socks off of you.

And you’ll know why soon enough.

His LP, ‘The filter Bubble Blues’ is out now.

See David next @ The Sardine / Recess Ops, on February 25th.


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