David Harks – Avalon

Avalon by David Harks situates, within oneself, the chaotic clusters of information we are bombarded from without. It censures the outcome granulations, outcrops of contrasts, digging at one’s “wanting” and “longing” – to go back, to his or her emotional origins.

But it could have been lost. That’s why a search is continued.

“Avalon came to me in a dream..saw it all hurtling toward me on earth… Materialism, possession, an unstoppable wheel both ridged and exhausting. I wanted to counter this…and return to my spiritual home.” – David Harks

Let the search continue. It’s a long journey.

Acknowledgement is necessary. Bring lots of life giving water.

David is also one of three of the band Safetalk. We’d featured their song ‘Gold Of The Highest’. And we dug it, as you can see.

And in that review of that song, we’d said it: “wicks us swiftly into electronic umbrage – a shadowy journey taking days, straining, winning, battling, defeating, forging – one’s basic instincts, torn then caressed”.

Most importantly, the song is “about strength, undefined.”

Here in Avalon, David’s language slightly takes on a ‘musical accent’, and it takes us on, not a journey that is “torn then caressed” by a ‘gentle murderer’, but on a descriptive journey taken by a ‘brave dove which wanted to fly like an eagle, but came to realize that – it couldn’t – and that was ok’.

Yes. That’s ok.

Dreams dreamt; dreams recognized; dreams ultimately lost – settling, but contentment into better, hopeful future.

Whatever, however that might be or become.

It’s a sobering thought. We miss our home…

Avalon was released October 13, and it’s gotten recognition from many labels and publishers, including Vice, Thump, etc. Plus, already, a chunk of re-mixes from art and fashion houses & labels.

A full solo album is in the works, scheduled to drop sometime in 2018.

We dig David, as we did Safetalk.

We’re fans and looking forward to more from him, and his projects.

Go, go!

David’s rep’ed by Splinter Records located in Paris, France.


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