David James Allen ‘In The Hour Of My Life’ : A focused tint of vastness and grandeur.

David James Allen

“‘In The Hour Of My Life’ is poem in song contemplating what would be done with the last moments of life before death. It is ultimately about the decision to try and embrace what little time we are allotted on earth in a way to provide wholeness to the self and the experience of living.”

David James Allen delivers vibes – always reaching out and tells you the critical truths of your living and of existence.

The folk blues vision, is carefully delivered in the charms of David’s unalterably confident and majestic vocals.

Delicate and supple, with ameanable ambience of vibrance and resoluteness, David’s vocals dance and prance like no other. A focused tint of vastness and grandeur, ‘In The Hour Of My Life’ will glean at the quality of your ‘living’, and not of the length.

A call to arms, you can say.

A new single from the upcoming album ‘Radiations’ out in Fall 2020.


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