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David Nance – Negative Boogie

Missed them this year when they came around to Jersey City NJ, but at least we have digital ways of listening to them, right? Well, not quite as ‘live’, but David Nance’s Negative Boogie IS DAVID NANCE. Meaning, it’s the essence. It’s the oaky taste, just like in a well crafted whiskey.



More aggressive.

Then bit more aggressive.

Poignant. Put your head back on.

Then. More aggressiveness.

Oh the humanity.

The song is fabulous. It’s like a drenched and wet, large thick Turkish cotton terry beach towel – slapping you in the face (this is when you’ll need that whiskey).


Yep. It hurt. But you liked it.

We all do.

Except Rachel (She said she was tired).

But we all like it.

The innovation of the song is all around, the sounds are manic, leveled up with wicked cacophonic arrangements that kick you up in the noggin, stating that ‘it was your fault for being in the way’.

Starting in January 2018, their European tour begins in Denmark – ending in February somewhere in France.

What an expanse – both in tour and music.

Yea, just try it. The song from David Nance is hype, right, and mashable.

It’s glorious.

They dropped their latest record “Negative Boogie” in July 14th of 2017. But you know us, we like digging up and writing about songs we dig.

And this song we dig.


David Nance is rep’ed by Ba Da Bing Records, working and pimpin’ it righteously out of Brooklyn.



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