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David Picco Shares Fabulous Single ‘Down The Road And Gone’.

“I believe that my songwriting has improved with each album that I’ve done,” DAVID PICCO said. “For a period of a few years I was writing mainly downbeat songs and struggling to write anything exciting. But starting with my last album, I’ve been able to go into a more rock ‘n roll direction and my current band has played a big part in this. They’re all top-notch musicians.”

His single ‘Down The Road And Gone’ is a perfect celebratory start to his latest and 5th album, ‘Out Of The Past’. The indie-folk and rock twanging artist has come forth with a diligent aesthetics that persevere with hard earned blood, sweat, and tears – begging the questions and then throwing them aside for a cheap shot of life’s whiskey.

That’s what David brings to his music. A sullen pastoral inquisitiveness that is wholeheartedly emotive and embracing. Yet, at the heart of it all, it shows the desired, arms-length ambitions of a loner with a lonely heart. A lonesome dove cowboy, with a past for the unquenchable future.

But he plays.

David plays his music, for at the end of the day, all those stresses and unfairness drains into one facet that never dies within.

His trusted band consists of guitarist Sean Murray, keyboardist Ryan Kennedy, drummer Chris Donnelly and bassist Paddy Byrne (along with some special guests).



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