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David West with Teardrops – Cherry on Willow

The gang at Tough Love Records said it best about David West: “When Tough Love first began putting out records, one of the guiding motivations was to release music that sounds like the music David West makes.”

We at CHF, tend to agree. The kind of blues based, rhythmic, head-bobbing tune like Cherry On Willow is what we love to hear and write about.

David’s been in the game for a long while and knows his craft. His previous release of Swan’s Beat is a “take me back to a weird Pink Floyd-like haze” kind of music that is exactly indicative of the artist. It also has the reminiscent guitar work that depicts some of 70’s rock bands.

And his latest of Cheery On Willow, continues his musical pedigree.

The whimsy, the fun, the “ride-on-blue-ford-truck” while drinking out of a glass Coca-Cola bottle is calming and warming. His take on 70’s rock band mannerisms and hooks are just divine.

At this writing, we’d not known anything of David. But now, we want more – of him and his vision for his music.

We’d like to ride along, David.


David West

Tough Love Records



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