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davidxrussell – Jack & Sally

We think we’re really into what DAVIDXRUSSELL offers our ears to devour. ‘Jack & Sally’ is this fantastic artist’s offering and he never disappoints with is poignant and relevant lyrics, driving the conversations of life, love, and seldom victories. And it’s glorious. Known as David X., his maturity in song construction is meteoric, and it fits with the sentiments of many situations. And when the delectable pop elements are added and sprinkled by David, his single shimmers as a blue sky in the middle of a love drenched summer vacation. Glorious.

The Stone MG’s – I Need You

Dependency is ‘I Need You’. Addiction is more than not, a negative to an individual and surrounding supporters. From THE STONE MG’s, it is the inevitable prelude to a clash with the devil, an inner deceit that pleases, then relinquishes hard earned loves. Twist and turn, and it’ll be over very soon. The lyrics: “If you scream you love me, I’ll be your whore and give you the only thing worth dying for.” This single has all the elements that makes classic rock just fantastic as a recording and live experience. Refreshing? Heck yes.


‘Dizzie’ is the 2nd single released from LOOME. And in this single, the world of pop and indie just collide and produces a meteor of emotions that belongs nowhere familiar. The dizzying heights are calmed by the vocals, and the pop drenched elements heighten the experience, as you’re slowly drizzled onto a sundae of delicious vibes. LOOME knows what they have, and they’re right: ‘Dizzie’ is new, vibrant, and eclectic. We want IN. You should too. Let’s get transported to that world, we often think about.

Andy McBride – The Bottle

Private battles are fought in each and every one of us, each day. Only the degree of frustration differs from one to another. Taken from the new 10 track album ‘Shipyard Soul’ (available now), the Scot delves deep inside his own travels and tales of others. From the outcome of hardships and confusions, are born the vain of strength – a side of man that ANDY MCBRIDE tries to uphold on this album. ‘The Bottle’ is the everyday man’s fight with the obvious choices, which are sometimes hard to take. Andy’s effervescence in his acoustic extravaganza is precious to hear.

RALE – Looks Like Fire

RALE is a British rock band in the vain of Franz Ferdinand, Arctic Monkies, and Interpol. ‘Looks Like Fire’ is one of the fabulous examples of the complexity that is woven deep in their songs. With layered instrumentals, constantly guiding you to a heavenly wave of diatribes, and delivering you to the hauntingly gorgeous vocals of Tom O’Hara. The band is completed with Dino Sofos and Sena Verdi, and their music should be part of your rotation now.


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