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Dawn And Hawkes Shares ‘Promised Land’. “A Beautiful Testament”.

DAWN AND HAWKES is an Austin Texas originating duo of Miranda Dawn & Chris Hawkes. They make delightful love-folk music. And we think they are the bees-knees. In their single ‘Promised Land’, the duo promises and delivers with the kind of whole-hearted emotional tie to the pact made between lovers, friends, etc.

It’s the place we want to go.

Miranda and Chris, nudges us and says: “You can do it.”

Recently they dropped their second full length LP ‘The Other Side’ (available now). The album is a travel dialogue and memorandum on their journey across the United States in their car.

“‘Promised Land’ was the first song we wrote for this album; it seemed to set the tone for the nine subsequent songs to follow, all exploring the theme of empathizing with the other side,” recounts Miranda Dawn. “We hope that you will hear this album and share it with someone you love, because these are anthems of compassion for everyone who’s ever felt on ‘The Other Side.'”

Well, we think the duo has done their share and successfully said their peace on this fabulous single ‘Promised Land’. It’s a doozy and a beautiful testament.


Watch them live next @ McGonigel’s Mucky Duck (Houston, Texas) on August 3rd.



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