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Sky Atlas – News Today

Dublin-based quartet Sky Atlas, with the help and expertise of renowned producer and engineer James Darkin, delivers ‘News Today’. Coming from various musical backgrounds, the quartet combine their influences to produce a truly unique sound. Jazz/Funk influenced grooves and melodies come together with intricate riffs and dramatic soundscapes to create a captivating live show. Lughaidh Armstrong Mayock, Louis Younge, Danilo Ward, and Ryan McClelland, comes up aces with jazzy and folksy charm in this song. And as the vocals of Lughaidh take you from the base of the mountain of emotions and waves of the heart, you get lost in the guitars and the beats of the sumptuous percussions. A song that is of textures, in multiple genres, it is a fabulous effervescence and musical breeze. It’s a cool breeze, for a changing season. See the band next @ The Workman’s Club, Dublin on November 25th.

dazey – things i said to you

“This track blends old and new elements from the indie and rock scenes in order to create something contemplative and new.” The solo project is from the heart of artist Michael Moffitt. And Michael’s vocals tugs at your heart. It does. A tone of mellow charm, drizzles like tasty love that can bloom from one to another. Ah, those days. But the best part of what ‘Things I Said To You’ brings is maybe the optimism that we’ll get to feel those soothing and warming goodness, once again. We do hope so. dazey is a charming opening statement for our recently introduced notions. Look for more.

Repenter – Complicated

Holly Winter and Thomas Scriven are Repenter. Said Holly: “Making music is a huge privilege and responsibility that we take so seriously. In addition to ‘So Sick’ and ‘Skeletons,’ the next two songs from this EP dive straight into all the heavy feels. This time though, my chest is filleted like a fish on the operating table. ‘So Far From Feeling’ and ‘Complicated’ are songs from that open heart surgery.” Whoa. Right on, Holly. The 4 song EP is striking, candid, righteous, and rockin’. The Los Angeles duo was able to slack off the fringes of ol’ school such rock, and polishes it with alternative gumption and an energy amplifying, lyrically stimulating kick-ass extravaganza of a tune. ‘Complicated’ is a stunning ballad with incredible sonic moments – twisting and morning and skin ripping angst – it delivers in personal anxiety that is defying. See this dynamic project next @ Troubadour, West Hollywood November 27th.

TRILLS – Super Blue Moon

A love of a cappella gospel and folk brought them together. TRILLS happened by accident. TRILLS has morphed and evolved, growing into prolific songwriters with a knack for creating richly textured, harmony-saturated tracks that are both cinematic and sensitive, bold and haunting. Solid with precise accounts, ‘Super Blue Moon’ just casts the beauty of what vocal exhibitions can be. Written to feature in playwright and band-member Tallulah Brown’s critically acclaimed 2018 play Songlines, the single has been bolstered from its original stripped-back stage form by Johan Hugo’s delicate production (Self Esteem, Baaba Maal, Mumford & Sons, Miguel, The Very Best). The band played stages of Glastonbury, Latitude, XOYO, and Alexandra Palace.

Taylor Noelle – Rely

“Rely is a dreamy ode to being let down. Its bouncy, piano-driven groove might distract from its confessional lyrics delineating the breakdown of a relationship.” With ‘Rely’, there’s such grace and depth. Yes. Depth. From the outset, the pop visage is delectably presented, in a slice of Universe that is disco and 70’s charm. But within the folds of Taylor Noelle’s vocals, the grounded gravitas show with distinction and with fight for the last drop. A beautiful collage of colors – of love – for love – comes independence for our listening hearts to absorb. You want to just jump for joy and dance with a big smile. An alt-pop ballad, it is a fabulous single that transcends what it could have settled for. Taylor Noelle decided not to be just ‘settled’ and delivers a fantastically crafted charmer. Love. Indeed. Produced by Ghosthood and tracked with Noelle’s backing band a la Fleetwood Mac.


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