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De-Brief: Gonerfest 14, Done and Dusted. Readies itself for 2018.

Gonerfest happens every year, and it’s all about independent music and fun. The event is held by Goner Records (located and HQ’ed in Memphis, TN) to gather together many different bands (from Memphis and worldwide) to display their wares and add to the festive atmosphere.

The event has been going on for 15 dedicated years.

The itinerary for #14 included: “Three evening showcases at the Hi-Tone, a Friday afternoon show at the Memphis Made Brewery, a Saturday afternoon twelve band blowout at Murphy’s, plus opening and closing shows at the gazebo near the Goner Record Shop.”

Goner Records is a label and retail store in Memphis, TN. As a record label, their current lineup includes: Cobra Man, NOTS, BÊNNÍ, and Golden Pelicans.

The next appointed Gonerfest 18 will take place between September 27-30th, 2018.

If you have attended Gonerfest 14, the organizer would like your feedback. Fill out the ‘Questionnaire’ at the provided link so they can be even more fine tuned for 2018 (LINK).

Here are some statements made by attendees and bands about Gonerfest 14:

“Having a mix of Australians and New Zealanders and Japanese and Brits and Dutch and Germans (the Germans!) in the house, mixed with Americans and Memphians, makes it hard not to have a great time.”

“My favorite parts of Gonerfest this year were sweet knives, thunderroads, and all the merch room shenanigans.”

My favorite things about Gonerfest 14…
– finally getting some Arkansas in the mix w/ Ten High
– seeing Shelley & Fred play with Tyvek
– getting to hang with so many NZ friends in Memphis and New Orleans
– Dummy Dumpster at the afterparty Fri night

SARAH RAYNE of the band Cobra Man
“My favorite part was the collective spirit and enthusiasm of the entire city. Everywhere we went, we felt part of the Goner family and that we’re all connected and uplifting each other which is what I think music should do. It was also fun being thrown into the ceiling fan at Murphy’s.”

ANDREW TOLLEY of the band Bloodbags
“Nuther stoopidly great GONERFEST in Memphis town, three days and nights of knock-it-out-of-the-park bands, smarts, swagger, style, hi-energy pound and stomp, hook and hiss…”


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