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Dead Editor // Van Bellman // The High Loves // Delsbo Beach Club // Marissa Dai

Dead Editor – Takedown

It’s another morning. It’s another routine in rituals. When will this dread end? When will it change for the better? Living in a world of consumption which neglects the passing souls, trying hard not to trip over the under-managed sidewalk protuberances made by the centuries old tree root – you subside; in your own bath water of thoughts, and of possible emotional demise. You blow bubbles at the circumstance, as the warm soothing water cools by degree, by degree. DEAD EDITOR’s ‘Takedown’ is a level train car ride across the plains of the mind, the mindful, and frustrated. But will it be like this forever? ‘Takedown’ is the single off of DE’s latest contemplative EP ‘death’s tongue’.

Van Bellman – Gold & Blue

Let the open-plains like atmospherics of VAN BELLMAN’s folk-rock sensibilities. ‘Gold & Blue’ is presented by the talents of Zac Taylor and in this solo offering, his NYC experiences coupled with his world view, the flow of his music percolates with energy and outstanding strand of optimism. Get battered and thrown around by relationships and the world, you get to get up again and start again. Smile, get chippy, it’s your time to shine again. Let’s hope again, and drive on.

The High Loves – You Already Knew That

“Her bags are packed…She’s got the right foot out the door.” The gang in THE HIGH LOVES wants to tell a story about a gal and boy, who can easily be you, or all of us living on this earth. The disreputable rhetorical infighting, rubs us the wrong way, as we trudge along this path of a so called, relationship. Should we though? Is there a reason to stay and try to mend? Or is it just too late, for the problem manifested a long time ago? We probably bet the latter. But why does that matter? You must move on, accept your mistakes, and try to be better. Love her, but now the chapter turns. Mix of new and old, the classic rock-alt-pop retro aesthetics gets you hooked on the premise. Listen to the airy riffs, and playful lyric presentation. You’ll understand. Their latest EP ‘Serotonin’ is out now.

Delsbo Beach Club – Something’s Over

Why does this band named DESBO BEACH CLUB do the thing it does to our heart? Why does it give us the ‘feels’ when the jangly guitars and wavy vocals combine to inject subtle but eager colors into our psyche? Why does the singles feel so warm and decadent at the same time? Only the Universe knows. DBC’s ‘Something’s Over’ the nuance of innovation in sound comes through once more with vast effect. “I wrote ‘Something’s Over’ about two years ago and it has since then seen a couple of different shapes,” stated Erik Björklund. DBC consists of a group of individuals with different appetite for the ridiculous and the absurd. They spit it out in the form of this project, with demure vigor and saline departures. One of the most exciting bands to come out of Sweden, they continue their quest. We’ll follow. Their debut EP will drop early 2019.

Marissa Dai – Mutual Feelings

“Do you love me? Do you recognize me? Do you know I exist?” Every time there is a heart mended or broken. There are times when love can sooth either side of the spectrum. Neither a panacea or a devious device of destruction, we come to get comfort for comfort sake. It’s there for us as a pillow or a stuffed doll. It’s the safe place of our minds, for our hearts, and our expensive bag full of angst. “I think I do love you. I recognize you. You exist, and you make my world better.” Smile. MARISSA DAI’s single ‘Mutual Feelings’ is delicately honest and this bedroom-pop ensemble dips that cold cynical heart, with some solace of benevolence and sonic platitudes. Rest is up to you.


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