Dead Finks ‘Bitter Pill’ : Rickety purveyance, cajoling and demeaning. It’s a beautiful contrast.

Dead Finks

Dead Finks, led by Erin Violet and Joseph Thomas, began writing music in Sydney, Australia since 2016/17 (in different forms or another). And off of the ‘Dead Fink Era’ LP (out now), the band makes songs that are resident evils, if you let them fester a bit. And when you do (we know you will), it’ll get tingly; and maybe even exasperatingly good. But one thing the band knows how to do is that they will give it all as they push you to another part of your consciousness, confusing you, and loving you.

It’s a contrast. And a forceful one at that.

Said Joseph: “At first I sort of thought I had ideas for several different projects that we would work on simultaneously, but eventually we realised that channelling them all into one band made the most sense and could end up sounding interesting. I have always been a fan of artists who go in a lot of different directions and maintain a sense of unpredictability so I guess I wanted to emulate that a bit.

‘Bitter Pill’ is that hard, rickety purveyance, cajoling and demeaning. A love with a very hard hug, the single is exciting to listen to. Full stop.

In 2019, they relocated to Berlin, Germany, and resolved to start releasing records and making regular live appearances. As of 2020, a name has been settled on, songs have been mixed and new friends have been recruited into the fold.

We’re glad. Because we want a bit more of that fine tasting goodness of Dead Finks.


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