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Dead Little Penny Shares ‘U 4 Me’. “Without Fail. Without Remorse. No Way Of Constraint.”

DEAD LITTLE PENNY is made up of Hayley Smith and Simon Buxton. And with this project their inner sensibilities take on fears, and uncertainties, takes on that Y-shaped split in that mountain back-road. There are no ‘right’ choices. The duo knows this. Definitions of what’s been done or will be done, is up to the POV director. Self-reliance of thought through deference; the wielding of sacrificial bodies, in the field of that virtual killing fields – all melt, and drain into that hole in your heart.

Without fail.

Without remorse.

No way of constraint.

DLP makes it known in this single to hold your hand and bring you flying over that terrain of your life – the life that you closed your eyes, and never wanted to see.

The pain, the anguish, the turbulence – of YOU and for US.

“Hold my hand.”

Hayley and Simon makes this DLP project real and it certainly feels right that they have transformed and evolved. The maturation demonstrated in ‘U 4 Me’ is quite noticeable and much appreciated, for the honesty has to come through. And in this case, it surely does.



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