Dead Lucid ‘Head’ : Gloriously cool.

Dead Lucid

Wisdom. That’s what the gang in Dead Lucid is all about. Wise in years. Wise in time. Wise in rock n’ roll gumption.

“At its core, ‘Head’ is about frustration and acceptance,” supporting our hypothesis. “The desire to put in massive efforts, and the body and mind’s way of stifling progress. It’s the common frustration of wanting to reach amazing heights, while attempting to push past the feeling that your efforts are all for naught. We hope to resonate with this generation’s sense of longing and isolation. It seems to encompass us all.” Word.

And when relations of unfair crushes, deviate our energies, and decorate our minds with undaunted glimpses of love-apocalypse, you’ll know who to blame. These wisdom-toting sages of rock n’ roll. Drinks on us! Guitarist/vocalist Jon Grammer, bassist Ryan Rhoades and drummer Andrew Tschiltsch make this entity named Dead Lucid. And it’s gloriously cool.

See them next @ The Auxiliary Art Center, Chicago on February 23rd.


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