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Dead Naked Hippies Shares Rockin’ Single ‘Rare’. “Be Surprised. Be Pleasantly Surprised.”

Are you ‘dirty’? You know. ‘Dirty’? Dirty thoughts? Dirty mind, that sort of ‘dirty’? No, you say? We get ya. You wanna keep in on the secret part of your personal life. We get it.

We know we’re ALL dirty in some way. Probably just the degree, in which, we’re dirty is what the crux of the discussion should focus on.

But we don’t.

Well, in some decades we do more, some less.

It all comes down to self-confidence, doesn’t it?

Some are more sexually explorative. Some are not.

Some are more adventurous in seeking dangerous sports. And some are not.

Some are psychopathic in spirit and seek more joy out of pain in others’ eyes. Most are not.

Our point with this rambling is that DEAD NAKE HIPPIES’ single ‘Rare’ is that rare sought after ‘debauchery’ you can substitute for your next ‘unmentionable’ exploit.

It’s safe. Safer than a condom.

It’s rockin’. More rockin’ than you ever thought.

And best of all, the single is something viable in bringing home to your parents.


DEAD NAKE HIPPIES is a band that was born in 2016, and it’s an ecosystem made of up Lucy Jowett, Joe Clarke, and Jacob Marston can frolic and try to serve some sense into this world of ours.

Can they succeed in that task? Actually, we don’t even know if that’s their end game. But we want to think so, because this jam of a song and the attitude of the band, demands that kind of gravitas. The progressive chords in this single is reminiscent of a band like RUSH, then the punk elements of the band kicks it up a notch to the heavens of alt-rock.

What a combo.

Dig it. Because, as you can see, we dig them, lots.

So, be ‘dirty’ and maybe meet us on DNH’s side of the river.



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