Dead Painters ‘Sit Tight’ : “No!” you say to yourself. “Don’t be defeatist!”

“Then realizing nobody but you really cares and we’re all gonna die someday.”

Dead Painters

The second single from their latest LP ‘Doused’, ‘Sit Tight’ is an ode to today’s constant push for fame, success, and importance. TC Brownell’s lyrics ask us to “settle down, wait it out, and stop pushing ourselves too hard”.

Let’s go with the flow.

TC also notes: “It’s about want to do something great, feeling frustrated that it’s not happening, and then realizing nobody but you really cares and we’re all gonna die someday.”

It’s certainly not a a defeatist anthem. It is instead a “reality check about taking time for yourself and those that matter around you”.

But there’s much stuff around you. To organize. To filter through. It might be a big job.

“No!” you say to yourself. “Don’t be defeatist!”

Hey, we just said that.

Originally formed by a group of visual artists, Dead Painters has evolved into a cohesive unit that draws upon both the mundane and miraculous of the everyday.

Might as well, right? And why not, when they’ve got so much to say through their musical talents.

Made up of Oliver Beardsley (percussion), TC Brownell (bass, vocals, keys), Marlene Bowles (guitar), and Japeth Mennes (vocals, guitar, bass), the band treads the line between moody melancholy and triumphant bouts of self-reflection.

Let’s bop.



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